Classic Builders is supporting Earthrace 2 conservation vessel

Classic Builders is proud to support the development of the new Earthrace 2 conservation vessel.

Since 2011, Earthrace has been battling wildlife crime. They work with government agencies and NGOs, and the missions are covered in their TV series "The Operatives." They’ve closed down multiple shark finning, illegal fishing, and illegal gold mining operations. They exposed the brutal seal clubbing in Namibia and several illegal logging operations in Indonesia. They tackled the wildlife trade that’s devastating Asia’s endangered animals. They even rescued a dolphin that was being illegally held in a tiny little swimming pool.

Earthrace 2 is based on our original Earthrace, which ran on renewable fuel and still holds the record for circling the globe. We launched this vessel in 2006 and despite being small, and with a crew of just 6, she played a key role in campaigning against Japanese Whaling in Antarctica, as well as in promoting renewable fuels.

The new boat will be a larger tri-hull wavepiercer that can handle almost any seas. Earthrace 2 will hold a crew of 26, which will often include local enforcement team members to ensure that criminals we catch are successfully prosecuted.

To help support the new design by donation, visit:
Pictured is the original Earthrace vessel and Earthrace 2 will look similar but will be larger.