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Adventure, Lifestyle, and A Place to Call Home

Finding a place in this world to call home, is something many of us take for granted.

Take Mauricio (Mau) and Lucy for example. Thousands of miles from their birth countries of Brazil and England, they found their fit in Queenstown after traveling here to seek work, adventure and lifestyle.

 Inspired by the scenery and captivated by the unique energy, they arrived here seven years apart but were both equally enthralled in the lifestyle and quickly found comfort in calling NZ their new-found homeland.

M: We’re all about lifestyle - life is for living and the tourism industry here makes it such a fun place to do so. There’s always something going on, plenty of variety in jobs and just a great vibe.

Mau’s been here 12 years now and Lucy just over 5 years. Their decision to build came naturally when they started weighing up their options and found building to be a lot more affordable.

M: I believe we saved around 200K by building, but then there’s also issues of land availability to consider. We were lucky to secure the land we did, because it was one of only 60 lots released to the market and they didn’t last long. I was hounding developers to ensure my name was first on the list to call when land became available. Then there’s the process of finding a home builder…

The concept of open-plan living is not popular in Brazil or England home designs, and therefore quite foreign to these two.

M: All the plans we saw were designed around open-plan living, and it was hard to find a builder who would listen to our ideas. I was surprised at how pushy a lot of them were to use their own pre-set designs, and they could afford to be I guess given the current market.

We talked to five different home builders before choosing Classic Builders. Damian was interested in hearing our ideas and he made it work without compromising any of the features which were important to us. He let us know where certain things could be too costly, but was also very respectful that this was our home at the end of the day.

As a musician Mau has had great excitement in turning their fourth bedroom into a music room. During their walk through with the electrician, additional sockets were added to power his set-up – the thought these two have put into their home is incredible. And living just around the corner during the build has meant Mau and Lucy haven’t missed a beat in watching their dream being brought to life.

M: When things start happening on-site, it all moves pretty fast. One week the slabs down, the next the frames are up – it’s been hugely exciting to stop in each night on the way home and see that something new has happened. 

Josh (our Construction Manager) would let us know when things were complete; as soon as the roof was on we received a txt to go check it out. We have enjoyed being so involved in the process and appreciated his communication.

 Mau and Lucy have just moved in and are obsessed with their slice of Queenstown paradise. Their 121.92mfour bed / two bath home sits on a south facing lot, positioned to maximise sun from the living room at the rear of the home. It’s a unique combination of kiwi style open-plan living, with traditional elements that allow living spaces to be closed off. Large sliding doors separate the kitchen and dining from central living but can still be pulled back to create a huge open space when friends or family are over.

 M: My advice to others looking to build is to go into the process with your eyes open and expect to put in some hard yards to ensure you end up with a final product you love. Use Pinterest, read magazines and do as much research as you can to make educated decisions. For example, think hard about where you’d like your power sockets to be before your walk-through with the electrician – little things will make all the difference. Just plan and prepare as much as you can, don’t stress too much and enjoy the process!


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