How to Plan Your New Home’s Interior

So you have chosen your home builders, signed on the dotted line… not what? Building a new home offers an excellent opportunity to reinvent your interior design style, whether you want to modernise your home or choose pieces that reflect your new lifestyle. What do you want the interior to look and feel like? This will be your new sanctuary, your retreat, and the design world is now your oyster.

Many new homeowners struggle with where to begin designing the interior of their new homes, and that’s completely understandable. The task can be daunting at first glance—where do you even start? But if you approach interior design with a tried-and-true process, you’ll end up with a beautifully designed home at the price point you need. Here are our suggestions!

Interior Design: Theorise, Don’t Improvise

It’s tempting to take your wallet and rush out to the nearest furniture and fittings store to just “shop around”, but this can lead to clashes all throughout your home. You want each room to flow into the next, coalescing around your ideal aesthetic, and that requires some forethought. Our golden rule? Take your time and find the perfect choice for you.

We’ve often been told that this is one of the most enjoyable parts of building or moving into a new home, because you get to play around with an empty space. So, let your imagination run wild and put your ideas on paper. Get pictures, magazine cuttings, even random colours or textures that you want to populate your home. A design board is a fantastic way to lay your ideas out next to each other.

As part of your Classic Builders colour consult, we will form a moodboard of the colours of the interior and exterior of your humble abode. This will help influence the choices of your interior design. You may also want to consider a tool like Pinterest to layout your ideas and find new inspiration. Who knows, maybe even our Classic Builders Pinterest may inspire you!

If you’re unsure about where to start, cast your mind backward. What are some places – restaurants, other homes, even outdoor spaces – that you’ve really enjoyed the look of? Pick the elements that really inspired you from these places and bring them all together in a visual format. After all, this is about creating the unique interior that will make you happy.

Refine Your Interior Design Plan

Now is the time to be brave; you can’t keep it all!

Take the ideas that you’ve collected and cast a critical eye over them: which ideas practically work for your space? We’ve observed that two of the biggest obstacles new homeowners can encounter when designing are working to a budget, and properly using the space available. Now that you’re condensing your options into an actual design plan, you can look at which elements fit into your budget and space, which ones need adjustment, and which ones need to be struck from the design board altogether.

  • Lay out furniture pieces. Using masking tape, arrange the layout of your prospective furniture pieces to check if they actually fit into your space. This will also help you to visualise where you’ll put them when the time comes to assemble the room.
  • Don’t fall for the label. In many cases, homeowners will be drawn to high-end labels for all of their pieces, which can put them way over budget. There’s nothing wrong with picking up some good quality furniture or art. However, if you can mix in some replicas or similar pieces at a lower price point, you’ll give yourself a bit more wiggle room.
  • Take advantage of samples. Paint pots, tile chips and small fixture pieces – these are all things that will help you to visualise the full effect of that particular design choice. Test out paint colours on your walls to see how they catch the light, and compare your chosen bathroom fixings with the kind of tile you might want to use. It’s all about having the choices right in front of you so that you can test them for real.

Once you have a curated design plan that fits into your budget, you can enjoy watching your home come together right before your eyes without any worries hanging over your head. Take the time to design before you implement, and you’ll love the inside of your home for years to come.

Discover inspiration with the pros

Here at Classic Builders, we have a variety of show homes for New Zealand clients in search of some interior design inspiration. Or if you’re feeling unsure about how to get started, get in touch with our team of talented designers!