Roof shout a screaming success for Tauranga Boys’ building students

Students of Tauranga Boys’ College Wood-Related Trade programme recently hosted their first non-alcoholic roof shout to celebrate a milestone in construction of four cabins.

Nathan Bradley, Tauranga Boys’ College teacher in charge of the programme, says a roof shout is a tradition for builders and the first time the Year 13 students show cased their handiwork to parents and supporters.

“When the roof goes on it signifies a big step forward within the build and needs to be recognised as such. These students should be proud of their work, which is to industry-standard and their commitment to the build is admirable,” says Bradley.

The building site located on Devonport Road next to Susan Devoy Squash and Fitness Centre is set up as a legitimate construction site so that students have an authentic experience akin to a real-life work site. The cabins are currently being clad and joinery is being fitted before the installation of electrics and insulation.

Guests included proud partners Classic Builders, parents, college staff, BCITO representatives and a neighbour who enjoyed a site tour, a good old Kiwi banger with buttered white bread and tomato sauce, while enthusiastic students talked about the cabins they are building. The boys had to ensure all visitors were given a high-vis vest and signed into the safety site register on arrival.

Classic Builders co-director Matthew Lagerberg expressed his delight at the programme’s success.

“I wish there had been a programme like this at Tauranga Boys’ when I was a student there. Students gain building insights and learn to work through onsite challenges. This is a great opportunity for young men especially with the significant shortage of tradespeople. It’s great to hear about students already moving into industry-related apprenticeships,” says Lagerberg.

According to Matthew Pereira, one of the Year 13 students participating in the programme, communication on site is key to a great team environment.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know the tools of the trade like how to pull apart and clean a nail gun, and the different building techniques required on site. I am really enjoying this work experience and Mr Bradley is an awesome teacher,” says Pereira.

Tauranga Boys’ College Principal Robert Mangan praised the students’ workmanship. “We are very proud of how our boys are embracing this course. Boys flourish outside the traditional classroom environment and this building site and programme is a very good example,” says Mangan.

To date the students have had a number of official visitors to the site such as Council inspectors, Classic Builders health and safety inspector, building representatives and a Paslode engineer who showed the boys how to maintain the nail guns. Students have also benefited from offsite visits to Oregon Pre-nail plant, Firth Concrete Plant, NZ Windows and Joinery and have completed a workplace safety course.