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Visualising Design Using Our Product Rooms

Absolutely the most fun part of the building process is the choices. The part where you really begin to start picturing yourself living in your home as you select the colours, fixtures and fittings that will soon become the makeup of your new home.

The intricacies that go into each design is what turns two-dimensional house plans into an environment made specifically for our clients. It’s one of the most exciting parts of home building – it brings everything together and makes the space real!

However, it can also be an intimidating and stressful process. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of decisions to make. That’s why we created our Product Rooms.

What are Product Rooms?

Our Product Rooms are where the vision for your new home begins. A place you can see, feel and choose all the elements that will make up your new home. Our consultants walk you through the entire process to ensure your new home reflects your personal style.

We spend a lot of time with our clients in the product room, learning about their likes, dislikes, style and vision. Together we work through each room of their new home and use the Product Room to show them how their choices work together to build the look they’re trying to achieve. Being able to see the choice of countertop alongside the splashback and flooring option all together gives real confidence to our clients that they’ve made the right choice.

Instead of trying to visualise what everything might look like, clients can walk through the rooms and pull together samples to create mood boards to see and feel how those options work together. As part of their Colour Consultation with Classic Builders, clients can feel the carpet underfoot, touch the rough texture of their chosen bricks, and so much more.

Why Do We Have Them?

For many people, building a house from the ground up is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We recognise that for some, the design phase of the build is the part they look forward to the most. It’s a time to express individuality and creativity, but it can be marred by the stress of uncertainty.

We wanted to take that stress away and bring back the excitement. As part of venturing through our product rooms, you’ll meet with a consultant who will guide you through the process and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They’re able to condense the entire design journey into one space, making it a lot easier to process and make cohesive decisions.

Over our years of experience in this industry, we cannot stress how important it is to have fun while building! The interior design elements should be an enjoyable part of the process, and our product rooms help achieve this. It’s a one stop shopping experience allowing our clients to walk away feeling great about the selection they’ve made. It’s a tremendously rewarding experience we get to share with them.

Step into one of our product rooms

If you’re curious about what building with Classic Builders is like, book in a no obligation chat with one of our team. They’ll walk you through the process and give you a tour of one of our product rooms. Click here to contact your local team today, or here to find your nearest Showhome