What to expect when meeting a home builder

Your first meeting with home builders is probably a bit like a blind date. A little bit of uncertainty, a lot of excitement and a whole lot of anticipation. Sometimes the scariest part of a build is taking the leap and starting that conversation. You might think building isn’t right for you or your budget is too small, or perhaps you have some misconceptions about how tricky building can be. But if you never take the plunge and start that conversation you will never know.

“We went to see the Classic building consultant to see if my wild dreams of building a new house could be made a reality. I said ‘this is my budget, can you build me a house?’ and he said yes, and that was that. I never thought I would own my own home, so I feel very blessed that my first home is a brand new home.”

- Tanya Maich, Whangarei

What should I bring?

Although you don’t need to bring anything, it helps to come with an idea of what you like and have an open-minded and realistic approach. You might want a four-bedroom home and a big backyard, but may only be able to afford a four-bedroom house on a corner section or a three-bedroom house with a generous outdoor entertaining area. Prioritise what is important to you to make the most out of your meeting with your builder

The first meeting is an opportunity to outline your plans and goals and how a new build might fit into this. Things you might talk about include what size home you are looking for, how many bathrooms you need, and what the budget is. You may have your own floor plans drawn up or you may like to base your ideas on our standard floor plans.

Your building consultant might take the chance to start discussing your preferences on things that will affect the quote. This might include exterior and interior finishes and any potential additions.

“Throughout the process, we kept thinking it was all too easy - the progression from one stage to the next was seamless. Honestly? We were trying to be realistic and aware that something might crop up. But it never did”.

- Rachel, Bay of Plenty

Preparation checklist 

There are a few things that are helpful to focus on when it comes to getting ready for your first meeting with a building consultant. We’re going to run through a few of them here.

  1. Budget. This could be the most important thing to know—it’s right up there with floor plans. Knowing your budget will set the constraints and the freedoms you have to make your house building choices. Not having a budget will slow the whole process down significantly. It helps to have a chat with a bank or mortgage broker before meeting us to determine how much you can afford to borrow based on your deposit.
  2. Floor plans. If you’re unsure about where to start, you can look at floor plans online and potentially find one that’s something close to what you’d like. Even having something like this with you can really help aid the conversation as it makes for a great jumping-off point. If you can’t find a floor plan that’s close to what you want, finding pictures of houses you’re interested in can also help.
  3. Knowing what you want goes a long way. A good way to start thinking about goals is to think about your current home and consider what works and what doesn’t. Love the master bedroom size but could use more bathroom storage space? Reckon you might need an extra bedroom in the future? Space for the in-laws to move in? Answer these questions today and you will thank yourself down the track.
  4. Paperwork. Finally, bring any records you think are relevant. This might include files on your section, loan details, etc.

Ready to meet?

Classic Builders is an experienced home building company, with the know-how and resources to deliver the home you need, on time, and on budget. To talk to us about your dream home, get in contact with us today.