Rated as being the best builders in the business

In both 2013 and 2014, independent building-industry research organisation, BRANZ, Classic-Care awarded Classic Builders as having New Zealand’s most satisfied customers. That’s two years in a row! 

This is due to our excellent customer care programme, Classic Care, which proves that trust, transparency and strong customer relationships are key.

Classic Builders was singled out for its excellent after-sales service and high levels of customer satisfaction. Classic’s customers were also deemed most likely to recommend their builder to others. We defined the ‘Classic’ building experience as not being something that finishes when we hand over the keys. That’s why we created ‘Classic Care’ as our pledge to keep looking after our customers and their homes for years to come.

Having this accolade, however, doesn’t mean we sit on our laurels and think we have “made it”.  No, in fact, exceeding our clients’ expectations hasn’t become any easier for us over time. In fact, we’re probably working harder for new home buyers now, than we ever have. That’s fine by us.  It’s what we set out to do in the first place and it’s what sets Classic Builders apart from all other building companies.