Sponsorship Policy, Conditions and Guidelines

Organisations need to demonstrate how sponsorship will help them to carry out their project(s) and achieve their goals.

Allocations for regional/local organisations are assessed at a regional level, where a Classic Group entity is established.  Classic Builders has offices in five regions throughout the country – Northland (Whangarei), Auckland, Bay of Plenty (Tauranga), Waikato (Hamilton) and Otago (Queenstown).  CBC Construction is based in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland.  Classic Developments has a presence in Tauranga and Auckland.

Eligibility Checklist

Each year we get an increase in the number of applications we receive. In order to meet these expectations we have set criteria which our team uses as a basis for their allocations.

Applications must:

Fulfil all of the following:

  • be for a specific project (e.g. not general administration of an organisation)
  • operate in and benefit the region being applied to
  • be either a national organisation applying on behalf of your regions or with nationwide reach or a local/regional organisation<
  • be for an organisation project that fits within our Classic Group Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines.

And fulfil at least one of the following:

  • an incorporated society
  • a registered charitable trust
  • a body or club that is controlled by an association of people under an adopted constitution and rules, with annual accounts and reports.

Applications will only be accepted online.

Decisions on all valid applications are at the sole discretion of Classic Group and are final and no comparisons to another organisation’s application will be made. Application approval in one year does not guarantee approval in future years.


If your organisation is successful, your organisation may have their details published. Your details may be listed in your regional newspaper, radio, television or on a website. We may also wish to talk to you about publishing your story in local media.  We may also supply gift baskets or supplies.  We may require groups to display signage/logo acknowledging our support, and we can provide these to you.

Charitable Donations are not a sponsorship but defined as a payment to an organisation/event with no expectation of a commercial return. Donations are not covered under these Policies and Guidelines.

Event or Project Debrief

Classic Group may wish to meet with sponsorship recipients following the completion of an event or project to debrief.