Our Building Process


After listening to what you would like in your new home – your lifestyle, your budget, and your ideas, your Building Consultant will visit your site to assess the site layout to assess and avoid any building issues that could arise later on.  We will work with you on your floor plan design, and help you choose fixtures and fittings in our Classic Care product room. 

Once you've decided on the home you want, the detailed price and design work will be completed and presented to you for sign off. Your contract will include a comprehensive list of everything that will be included.  Throughout your build you will be given clear timeframes, so you know what to expect and when to expect it.




We offer a complimentary interior design service.  You can meet together in one of our Classic Care product rooms.  Because it's now time for you to imagine your interiors – what colour scheme do you like?  What can you do to make your new home uniquely you!  

And, while you’re doing this we’ll take care of all the onerous but essential items like the council process, and your building consent.

One of our friendly team members will make contact with you at various points along the way, just to make sure you’re happy with how your new home is progressing. We hope you don’t mind, we will ask regular questions as your feedback is important to us. Plus, our team offers a number of tips, information, and maybe a few pleasant surprises along the way to help make your home building process enjoyable.




Once the building permit is issued, you will have a meeting with your Construction Manager.  It is here you will receive a build programme outlining key dates for your build.  

We have many guarantees, and one is that you will know exactly when we’ll begin building, and when you can move in.  No ifs!  No buts!  Your Construction Manager will ensure everything happens as it should during the building process.

Our Quality Assessors will also visit your home throughout the construction process. Using our six-point assurance checklist they will ensure nothing is missed.   If anything’s not right the first time, we will make sure it’s right before we sign it off.



Now it's time to move into your new home and enjoy. 

Classic Care isn’t about leaving you at the door with key-in-hand.  Our support goes much further – and it’s proactive. We’ll go through your home with you, and provide you with all the documentation and details you need.

But more importantly we will continue to look after you for many years to come. We will keep in contact to make sure everything in your new home is 100% as you expected it to be.  And, our continuing Classic Builders Warranty for 10-years is one that you can trust.